Ventilated Safety Helmet


4 Points ratchet textile suspension safety helmet with foam sweat band.
Short brim for broader field of view.
Customized logo options.
Comfortable vented hard hats.
Tuff and lightweight.


EN397: 2000 tested material from Germany.
Rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell that will help to protect from falling objects.

Hard hat colors:

White, Red, Orange, Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow.


Ratchet harness with quick action ratchet wheel.
Ultimate in safety and wearer comfort.
1 touch nylon suspension system inside the hat that acts as a shock absorber.
Optional hard hat chin strap

Earmuff slot:

Universal slot for earmuff to attach with the helmet.
Six points ventilation on to support air flow.
Sweat band with soft cushion and special absorbent material.
Peak and sides designed for rainwater and drainage.

Safety Helmet Ventilated with Textile Ratchet Suspension

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Technical Specifications

Brand Ameriza
Colors Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
Material Polyethylene (HDPE)
Origin China
Packing – Packet 1 Piece
Packing – Carton 30 Pieces
Carton Dimension 57.50 X 46.50 X 41.00 CMS.
CBM 0.10962375
Weight 11.86
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