MSA V Gard Non Vented Helmet


  • UV stabilized ABS helmet shell offering good resistance to scratches.
  • Provides lateral crush head protection.
  • Built-in rain gutter for outdoor operations.
  • Ideal design for adapting earmuffs, visors or attaching headband of MSA.


White, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Red


HDPE with UV inhibitor.
Type I, Class G, E & C.
GOST certified (–50°C).


For many industrial applications the ideal and most economical solution.

MSA V Gard Non Vented Helmet

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Technical Specifications

Brand MSA
Colors Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
Carton Dimension 24 x 18 x 17 CMS.
Material Polyethylene (HDPE)
Origin USA
Packing – Carton 20 Pieces
Packing – Packet 1 Piece
Standard ANSI / ISEA Z89.1 – 2009, Classs E, CSA Z94.1-2005
Weight 9Kgs./Carton
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