Flip type front window with clear and DIN glass, extend fully to cover a wearer’s face
Fits over the spectacles
Designed to worn with universal slotted helmet or Udyogi vented Helmets (Vista, Fusion & Ultravent)
Wrap around design Provides full protection against splashes, spatters etc.
Lens filter DIN glasses, protects IR rays emitted from welding related techniques
99% UV protection
Protections against high-speed impact
Best optical quality (astigmatic refractive power, prismatic refractive power, and light diffusion)
Suitable for different work environment


Can be used where eye & face exposed to:
ARC Welding, Spot welding, soldering
Heavy, Medium, Light Gas welding
Atomic hydrogen welding
Heavy, Medium, Light Cutting
Torch brazing, etc.
Protects face exposed to spatters, high speed flying small & medium fragments
Standard: EN 166, ANSI Z87.1


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